Is a main user at Konoha-Village. He created several roleplays each day and had each fail. This didn't phase him as he continued to pester users to join the Roleplay section and help it become more active. After several months of failing and creating the original roleplay of Konoha-Village several users joined the Roleplay section and birthed a new Era in the roleplay section.

Some time over the next few months he was called the "Role play Sage" or "The Sage", An honorary title given to him by himself. The title eventually stuck. He has created a roleplay character that has stayed the same the year he was at Konoha-Village, founding the RP section, The character is mostly referred to

Comparison between Madara Uchiha and Madara(tm), who proclaims he is often told about his striking resemblance to the Anime character.

as "Raika" or sometimes more accurately "You". As the character is essentially himself

He often makes derogatory, racist and sexist remarks to the other users.

He is also the writer of his own manga "Saishi" or "Rituals" which is currently in its fourth chapter.

He is credited with four pinnacles of the RP section: Giving it life, Creating the first "epic" role play,to have the longest non-Naruto based RP and being one of the "Big Three" to form the roleplay section (the other two are, Chosen and Blayze).

He also seems to have the habit of quoting famous movie stars, anime characters, or other users.