Is a created role play character by the user Madara™. Raika is generally the same from role play to role play, The few things changing are his clan name, Kekkei Genkai, and his personality. His age and physicality generally stay the same as Madara™ aims to solidify his existence in the Naruto universe. His clans have varied over the time of his existence. He was originally conceived on the site "TailedFox" and chose to keep him permanently. At first he was originally the same Clan as Kakuzu, After that he was from a created clan that Madara™ had made. A short time after that he became an Uchiha. At first, Madara™, was skeptical of keeping him as an Uchiha but this helped him diversify him and his usage of jutsu with Raika. Madara™ often strayed away from the cliche "managed to survive the Uchiha clan massacre". He often opted to "Gary-Stu" the situation and make him the younger, twin brother of Itachi Uchiha. If the option of not being related to Itachi was available, He opted to make him a son of Madara Uchiha. 

He is the only character to have existed in such a way that has gone recorded at Konoha-Village.